Treading Along

December 27th. It’s that weird time between Christmas and New Years when half of society is working, half are off, barely anyone knows what day it is and you debate whether to declutter your house for the upcoming year or Netflix and chill. Well, at least that’s my current situation. Christmas has come and gone and this year was great, we opted out of gifts because like most people this day and age, we buy what we want when we want it … and not that we are like all against consumerism or anything but Curt and I have also booked a 3 week holiday this spring so we felt it’s better to save our money for Europe than buy gifts we don’t really need. So Christmas was basically about the next best thing … FOOD! Sadly, I got sick Christmas Eve so Christmas Day, I hosted a waffle brunch with huge bowls of fresh berries, real whip cream, real maple syrup – sorry Aunt Jemimah, eggs and bacon … and I couldn’t even eat a quarter of my waffle. Waffles are my faaaavorite. Thankfully after a day in bed, fighting hot and cold chills and debating whether we were even going to make it to Christmas dinner, my appetite came back just before we were about to head over to my moms house. She cooked the best turkey dinner … and she always does a phenomenal job, but I think this was her best dinner yet. Thanks mumma Myrna!

Before I get into today’s run, a quick recap on my last week! The goal was 37 kilometers and because of a miscalculation I actually hit 38. If I didn’t realize my mistake during my last run, I probably would have ran an extra 3-4km unknowingly. I won’t lie, it felt like Christmas came early on December 24th when I realized part way through my run about my error! I quickly embraced it and headed home from the gym.

So last week I got a few new running goodies! I got two pairs of sneakers, one winter runner and one daily runner. I’ve yet to use my winter runner due the extra cold temps I’ve been frenemies with the treadmill the last bit. I also got a new running outfit from lululemon, you know, just because. Annnddddd! While I was buying runner’s I was looking at the GPS watches which I have had my eye on for well over a year but due to not really know much about them or what one I should go with and getting confused every time I tried to pull up articles on them I just have pushed it to the back of my mind. Anyways, I found one I wanted but definitely wanted to hit the Google machine before making a serious purchase to check things out a bit more. Glad I did as I found them for $70 cheaper at a competitor (big box company) and Runner’s Sole (local company) price matched as I would definitely rather be supporting my community. So now I have a brand new Garmin. I have only used it on the treadmill and since it takes a few outside runs to average the treadmill runs it’s not quite accurate just yet … but more to come on that. So with new sneakers, new gps watch and a new outfit … I should really have no excuses for running.

Last week my distance goal was 37 km.

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 8km

Wednesday – 9km

Thursday – rest day

Friday – a weaaaak 3km

Saturday – 13km

Sunday – 5km

Honestly, this blog has been super beneficial for me tracking my runs and remembering what I am actually doing.

So this week I am upping my kilometers to 42km.

Monday (Christmas) – rest/sick day, even if I wasn’t sick I wouldn’t have ran!

Tuesday – resting as I was still sick

Wednesday – 7km evening run and 6km walk in morning

So … you may notice today (Wednesday) I look like a dedicated superstar with two workouts in. It’s a lie, I went to the gym this am to go running and my head game wasn’t there and my stomach game was pretty weak so I ended up just doing an hour walk on the treadmill with maybe 10 minutes of running before the nauseous kicked in. After an afternoon of relaxing and kind of cleaning out my closet, this evening I was bored enough for to force myself back to the gym to actually run this time because the clock doesn’t stop ticking and this marathon is going to come up on me. I want to be prepared. So … I did it! Yay!

The more I run on the treadmill, the more I realize what a mental struggle running can be. I took the opportunity to watch Alexi Pappos YouTube channel while running tonight for some inspiration. In one video she mentioned every run is going to be challenging and a day or two before the run you need to visualize the part where the run becomes challenging and see yourself pushing through the hardest parts. So this week I am going to work on visualizing myself pushing through the moments when I want to stop. To keep going when I want to walk. I hope now that the excitement, food and drinks of the holiday season are almost out of the way my body will start to feel better and crave the exercise again. I am currently dealing with the holiday bloat and broken out skin … which as vain as it may sound does not make me want to run. I even stooped to steeling one of Curt’s saxx t-shirts for my run tonight because I wanted something baggy. I won’t lie, it was seriously comfy. I may not give it back!

Anyways, I need to go do laundry … it’s a constant battle to make sure I have clean workout gear to wear so I don’t have any excuse to miss a run. And not because I don’t have plenty of Lululemon to keep me going but because I HATE doing laundry, ask my husband, there’s always a pile of sweaty workout gear lying somewhere in his path.

Happy running!


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