Sundaze – Wrapping up week 8

Week 8 Goal – 52 km

Distance Completed – 42km
Distance Remaining – 10km

Sunday mornings in bed with the puppies, the only thing missing is my hubby, who is at work. After Curt working in town for so long it was hard to see him leave but it does allow me extra time so fit in my running and a few yoga classes!

This week was a mix of ups and downs … as it seems to be with most weeks. I finished my first week of the No Limits Fitness Challenge which is a 90 day challenge at my gym which includes working out 5 days a week for 90 days, which is easy peasy while marathon training.

Monday – 8km

Tuesday – yin yoga (I went to run on the treadmill and was not mentally there so opted for a walk that did not count to my mileage)

Wednesday – 10km + Squash + restorative yoga

Thursday – Day off

Friday – 9km

Saturday – 16km

Sunday (today) – 10km & yin yoga

I have added in yoga classes which I have been thinking about for awhile. Yin yoga is my current favorite as its practiced in a cool room, darkened room. Its mostly floor work with long holds and using your body weight to get deep stretches. This is the perfect place for me to take some time to concentrate on stretching out the muscles I am working in my runs.

Yesterday Brinley and I tackled 16 km together. I wasn’t sure if that long distance was going to be too much for her but my pupper did excellent. We switched up our route which was a nice change and we also learned to appreciate the few people that actually shovel their driveways along Westsyde Road. The weather has warmed up and I got a new winter running jacket from lulu the other day so I was comfy and warm. I am also LOVING the cliff blocks for energy along my runs … after about 8km I need a bit of fuel to keep me going.

This morning I saw a Lululemon 6km group run that I am going to go to and then I will have to tack on an extra 4km on my own. This will be my first time running with a group. The only people I have really ever run with are 2 or 3 of my girlfriends. This is completely out of my comfort zone but I know it will be good for me, especially since Brinley wasn’t going to be coming today as I wanted to give her a break after our long jaunt yesterday.

Well … I will let you know how this group run goes. I am nervous .. but excited. What if I am way slower than everyone else? Oh well, we will cross that bridge when we get there. This will be a good change up.

That 16km run yesterday kicked my ass so I am looking forward to a yin class tonight and maybe an avocado cookie or two for breakfast.

Michelle and I made these last night and they are insanely good & packed with healthy ingredients.



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