Sunday Rundown & My Date With Lulu

You see what I did there in the title, rundown … haha. Cheeese alert.

I can’t believe another week has flown by already. The BMO Marathon is only 15 weeks away! It seems scary that its coming so quickly but I still have lots of time to get ready. Curt is home from work and I am thrilled to have him home. I wonder if I can convince him to come to a yoga class?

This last week was full of good things! I ended up taking 3 days off of running, which I have yet to do in my training so far. It felt good to give my body a bit of a break but it also meant I had to get my mileage in in only 4 runs instead of 5 … and no more rest days towards the end of the week.

Thursday I was invited by Emily at lululemon to do fit test and try on some lululemon running gear to give feedback! Loving all of my lulu gear, I jumped at the opportunity. It was super fun to get to try on things I have been meaning to test out as well items that wouldn’t be my go-to. I am only wearing lululemon for my running since early into my training I did a 14km treadmill run and wore a cheap shirt and got chaffing on my arms, it hurt. I want to avoid chaffing for as long as possible, I know there is a good chance it will happen once I get up to the longer distances .. but if I can sidestep it as much as possible, I am going to. Cue awesome running gear!! So after an hour or so after testing out all different fabrics, fits and colors, Emily asked us what our most ideal running outfit would be. I chose a long sleeve hooded top I had bought a few weeks early that was wearing for the first time while trying clothes on, a seriously comfy, seriously supportive sports bra (which I had been on the hunt for since continuously hitting over 10km most days of the week), a new pair of running pants in a style that I did not own yet but had some great texture to them, reflective detailing & big pockets (I like to keep my phone, kleenex and Cliff blocks with my on my runs) as well as a down running vest, I had bought the same style jacket just over a week before which I am loving, but it is good for the colder temperatures and I needed something warm but not too warm for my runs when the temp hovered around 0 degrees. After telling Emily all about why this is what I would choose and my thoughts on the pieces she told me LULULEMON WAS GIFTING ME MY OUTFIT!!! OMG!!!! I could not even believe it. I seriously love this company and I can’t wait to see lululemon continue to thrive in our community.

I had 4 11km runs and 1 20km run. Friday the weather was nice and I didn’t have a busy day so I opted to get my long run in that day instead of waiting until the weekend. I am so glad I did it because Saturday was cold and windy. I have never ran 20km solely on my own before so this was a big challenge. I was completely outfitted with new gear thanks to lululemon, I had no excuse to not get out due to lack of apparel. 20km solo is hard. I had prepared for my run by downloading a new audiobook as I was just finishing up my last one. I had picked out a new route, I decided to start at MacArthur Island, so I could lap around the island a few times if I felt I wanted to be close to water or washroom facilities! I had the time booked off, no appointments until 2pm. I had done my planning!

Pull up to MacArthur Island, looking all sporty and fresh. Ready to go. Lap one around the island, feeling good. 3km. A quick opportunity for a bathroom break before heading off the island into the abyss .. aka the Rivers Trail. At km 4 I finish my audiobook “You Are A Badass”, I give myself a silent cheer and think about how I can’t wait to mark this book as complete on my Goodreads app. Yes! Killing two birds with one stone, running and listening to books. Onto the next book I downloaded for this run … wait … where is it? Its not there. I go check out my recent downloads and see I have downloaded the ebook version, not the audiobook. Only 4 km into my run I start to worry that how am I going to make it another 16 km with no book? This is my lifeline. This is how I have been able to run so much these last few weeks. Slightly frazzled I pull up the most recent Tony Robbins podcast and say a prayer that this will get me through. I run the reverse of my regular route, than head over the bridge and through Riverside park – one of the perks of Brin not coming along is I can run through the parks that aren’t dog friendly. 20km is a little too long for my pup, so she lounged on the couch while I pounded the pavement. As I was heading back towards the island to finish up my run, I had a slight mental breakdown at kilometer 16 as I asked myself “What the fuck am I doing? I am not cut out for a marathon. I am 4’11 and I look more like a marshmallow than a runner. Why did I sign up for this? Why did I tell people I was going to do this? I could have silently retreated right now if I didn’t announce this to my entire Facebook feed.” After a quick message to a girlfriend and pick me up .. I am back running and feeling confident. I got this. I can do it. The human body is capable of so much. I have two working legs. One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other. This mantra is what kept me going the last 2.5 kilometers. I am sure if anyone was close enough to me they would have thought I was mad as I was chanting to myself while running. My body was so sore. I wanted to stop so badly but knew if I stopped it would only take longer to get to the finish line and once you start walking at that point it hurts even more to start running again. One foot in front of the other. Keep going. One foot in front of the other. I made it. Not in record time, but I made it!

Though my mind wandered to many places during the 20km, not once did my body feel any discomfort from my clothes in my run. My new sports bra is LIT! If you are looking for a top notch sports bra, be sure to check out the lululemon Enlite. No pain. No chaffing. I had enough pockets to keep my stuff stashed. My vest was super comfy and easy to move in. Good gear is essential and this outfit was perfect for my long run. There are already enough reasons for me to want to stop mid run, having ill fitting gear can’t be one.

In the past, after running 20km, my recovery would be a two meal brunch with Nichole and at least a week off of running. Marathon training doesn’t allow for that so on Saturday, a break wasn’t an option. I had to get back out and run another 11km.

And guess what?

Another 11km today.

I am sore. I don’t know how well my body is going to handle todays run but slow and steady, I will finish! Yoga class will be necessary tonight.

So thats where I will leave you as I need I go warm up and get out there. Have a great Sunday!


PS – Huge shout out to Emily, Bev and the lululemon Aberdeen Mall crew. Thank you so much for my new outfit. 💙

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