So this is happening ..

Here we go.

Scrolling through my phone in bed in the morning just a few days ago I was feeling restless. I needed a goal. I needed a challenge. I wanted to shake up my life. I have been thinking about this for a few years now. Talking to people who have done it. Wanting to push my limits. I am always googling runs around BC, trying to find ones that I can fit into my schedule and that seem they might be a good fit for me.

More often than not, I don't commit. I find excuses - "Oh, I don't want to travel that far", "That weekend won't work", "Curt probably won't be home to come with me" "I don't want to run alone" blah, blah blah. When I do commit, I stick to relatively easy runs or local options.

One of my girlfriends did it recently and she told me it was her goal to do it before she was 40. I liked that. It made me think that as I'm coming up on thirty in a year, why not set my goal to do it before I hit the big 3-0.
The goal - 26.2 miles. A full marathon. Can I even do this? I'm 4'11, I do NOT have long legs and I'm only athletic-ish. I hike, I run, I don't do team sports but I play squash, snowboard, yoga, go to bootcamp .. I am in okay shape, but trust me you wouldn't see me walk down the street and think, danggggg that girl looks like a runner. No, definitely not. Plus - I LOVE TREATS & WINE!

I have completed a handful of half marathons, actually I did 3 last year, none of them I took seriously or trained very hard for. A full marathon though .. I know that there is no way I will get away with not training. I need to fully commit. So here I am, 6 months out from running this beast and I am going to document my journey. Plus, maybe in documenting this, it will encourage me to train harder.

So, the goal - complete the BMO Vancouver Marathon May 6, 2018 (26.2 miles)

Preparation races I am going to do
- Kamloops Hypothermic Half Marathon February 18, 2018 (this will be my first winter race - I have actually never trained for a run through the winter, so this will be a challenge in itself)
- Kamloops Boogie The Bridge Half Marathon April 29, 2018

At this point I have not set any time goals because I don't really know where I should be at. Once I get into the swing of things and start doing some longer runs I will set my goals. I have never set a time goal for any of my runs to date, normally I don't train so I am just happy to make it to the finish line.

Lets do this!

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