Snow, Snow, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Cozy in bed with my oatmeal and water with electrolytes, getting ready for todays run, its safe to say, winter isn’t over yet. I guess it is only the first few days of February but come on!!!! I thought we were going to have an early spring. And I don’t know about you but every single one of my Facebook friends appears to be on some sort of hot beachy vacation, somewhere, and I am jealous!!

My phone tells me its -5 but feels like -9 and its supposed to snow for the next 4 hours. So I guess that I am bundling up this morning, for my last run of the week.

Right now, each day is different, whether I am feeling motivated or not but I am definitely starting to feel the weight of the commitment to marathon training. I think I expected it to be easier. Not sure why … because I knew I was going to be pushing myself harder than I ever had. Thats why I made this plan, to push my personal limits. I am becoming more aware of my body along the process which I find pretty interesting. Learning about the human body and Amanda’s body. I am learning I run better on nearly no food in my stomach. Even after eating a meal, it needs hours and hours to digest before I can comfortably run again. The first 4 kilometers feel the hardest for me, once I push through that its smooth sailing. I think I read that for the first 20-30 minutes your body burns carbohydrates and then after that it begins to burn fat which is more efficient so this is why. Don’t quote me on that, I could be wrong. I will read again later today to confirm. I am learning ways new ways to stretch my body, feeling muscles ache that I didn’t even know existed. Learning about¬†myofascial release. I am learning about foods that fuel the body before a run and just how much water I need to be drinking to keep me hydrated. ¬†I have powered through 4 audio books so far in my training, so I need to find something new to download for my run today. I typically listen to an audiobook for the first half of my run and then switch over to music to finish the second half with.

I am trying to be aware of the words I use about myself. I almost started this paragraph off with “this week I was a slacker”, which then I adjusted to “earlier this week I was a slacker”, which then I decided I don’t really need to use that at all. I want to shift the energy of the words I am using about myself to be more positive, even though I like to downplay myself or be silly and make fun of myself, I am doing the training. I am committed. Its a pretty big feat for someone who has never ran a full marathon before. Even though I am not a star athlete, I am still getting out there even when I don’t want too. Like today. I would rather snuggle in bed with my dogs and a book, but if I have to run, I would rather run in snowy, -9 temps than be subjected to the treadmill, haha!

Okay, so back to earlier this week when I procrastinated. Monday was a rest day, I had a busy end to the last week with a few runs and snowboarding on top of that so. Tuesday I ran 14km. Wednesday I had an early morning work appointment so I took that as my midweek rest day. Oh and Thursday because I just wasn’t feeling my treadmill run, I left the gym after switching treadmills 4 different times because I just really didn’t want to be there. This is something I need to work on – pushing through when I am mentally feeling the run. I am sure I will thank myself in the long run. Ha, I didn’t even mean to do that … thank myself in the long run. So since little Polly Procrastinator over here took 3!!!!!! rest days it meant I needed to have some heavy kilometer weekend days. My target goal for the week was 64km and by Friday, I had 50 kilometers left to do in 3 days. So I opted to split my 50km into 5 runs, 2 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday. This meant an outside and inside run both Friday and Saturday and an outside run to finish up the week Sunday.

My week – Total Distance Goal 64km

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 14km

Wednesday – Rest Day but played squash

Thursday – failed attempt at treadmill run

Friday – 10km outside in morning & 10km inside at night

Saturday – 12.5km outside in morning & 5km on treadmill at night

Sunday – 12.5km left to do today

Total completed (as long as I finish my run today, which I have no choice because I am committing to it right here, right now!!) 64!

For the next two weeks my target will be 70km/week.

Okay, I need to go find an audiobook to download and then get out there for my run. I booked a squash lesson with my dad today so I can start working on my squash game a little more.

Hope you have the best, snowy Sunday! Leave me a comment to let me know if you are reading this … and if there is anything you want to know about my marathon training!

2 weeks until Hypothermic Half Marathon

13 weeks until BMO Marathon!



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  1. Perhaps the run is easier after the first 20 minutes because that’s when the endorphins really kick in?? Not sure but something to consider
    Your dedication is extremely impressive, there is nothing wrong with having off days , you are not a ‘slacker’ you are a human being with a full life!

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