Slow, Steady & Snowy

Currently sitting in bed, debating on going running. Well … no, thats a lie. I am not debating, I know I am going to go … it’s a matter of when.

Lets talk about last week – another roller coaster of my “running career”. I went from having a week where I did not meet my mileage goal, the first time this has happened during training. On Sunday, I procrastinated a little too long, ate too much before I ran, wasn’t mentally committed and by kilometre 3 I called Curt and asked him to pick me up. Thank God my husband is a dream and actually came to my rescue because I probably would have cried the entire way home. I took Monday off. Tuesday was a struggling 6km, which is a pretty short distance for my running right now. THANKFULLY by Wednesday, I was getting back in the swing of things. I had planned a 10 KM run, which after 5 minutes in I was negotiating with myself thinking maybe I would only do 8km … but as the 8km point came and went, I was onto 10km and still going … I was feeling good and kept going until I hit 14km! It was a strong run and it felt so good to have that kind of run after a few mentally tough days of training. Thursday I had another 6KM run, Friday a 10km and then comes Saturday …

After the previous week of getting my long run in on Friday, I decided I liked that rhythm of not having to leave my long run until Sunday. In the running world, it is pretty universal that Sunday is your long running day. Though, I don’t have a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job and I often I work weekends but that means I get extra time during my week, so I can fit longer runs into my midweek. I also like to play weird little games with myself, from things like counting poles to make the tough stuff go by faster to getting the hard stuff out of the way first so then I can coast. Is anyone else like this? So if I can finish my longest run of the week before Sunday, I feel like I am winning!!

So Saturday was the day. Longest run I have EVER ran. 22km. 1km longer than a half marathon. I booked an appointment for 11, I figured that would give me enough time to finish my run, get home and shower and head to work. While getting my stuff ready for my run on Friday night I had a quick thought about the Lululemon SeaWheeze which I hadn’t heard if I got a place or not in it, assuming I didn’t as I didn’t see an email come through I had a slight pang of disappointment but acceptance as I can’t do everything. I opened up my email and quickly scrolled through in case I missed something … and there it was from lululemon “Register for the 2018 SeaWheeze Half Marathon”. YESSSSSS!!!!!!! I got a place. I have never done this run before and its been on my list for quite some time. The one time I did get a place in it, it was a friends batchelorette weekend at the same time so I had to miss it. As I read through, I am just praying its not the same weekend as one of the weddings I am attending this summer. Quickly scan and find what date it is … September 22, 2018. Are you serious? You have got to be kidding me! This is the day I am supposed to fly to Halifax for a work conference. Panic! Oh NO! What do I do? I want to do this run sooooo bad. Quickly send off a message to my girlfriend Rebecca, the voice of reason, obviously, says “No waayyyy, you have to do it, and come to Halifax the next day!” Bless her soul as that was exactly what I needed to hear. I am a true believer in chasing those good feelings in your body and the SeaWheeze had me lit up like a Christmas Tree! Though I haven’t booked my flights to Halifax yet, it looks like I can fly out late the night after the run so it will all work out. The excitement of getting a place in this run was an awesome motivator for my 22km jaunt the following day.

I slept like crap Friday, it was literally like I had nerves of running a race. I kept waking up thinking I had slept in, missed my run and had to go to work. Finally by 6:30am I was ready to crawl out of bed and start to tackle the morning. Head out to my patio doors to check the weather. Ugh, slight skiff of snow. Oh well, thats fine! It doesn’t seem too bad. Pants, light hoodie, vest, ear warmer, cliff blocks, half of a PB&J sandwich to take a few bites of to get some fuel in me. I find it so hard to eat first thing in the morning and its hard on your body to go run 22km without fuel, so I try my hardest to get anything in me I can. Which is odd because any other time of the day … I love food, haha! Runners, water, Garmin, iPhone … okay. I’m ready. Leaving the puppy at home, its too long of a run for her, I head out on my own. The route … not entirely sure yet but the plan is to do a couple laps around MacArthur Island, which is nice because there are bathrooms, grab a drink of water and another bite of my sandwich and head out on the Rivers Trail.

My first 6km were supposed to be SLOW. Slower than my body wanted to go, slow enough that I am bored and by the time I am finished those 6km I am ready to speed up. I decided for 3 laps around MacIsland, each lap is 3km, so I took my first two slow and the second one was slightly faster. Did I mention the weather? As soon as I parked my car the snow just started coming down. I thought to myself, “is the girl who paper mâchéd her finger in gym class to get out of sports actually going to run 22 kilometres in the SNOW!!!?” The only thing worse than running in the snow is running that kind of distance on the treadmill, so snow it is! Thankfully it wasn’t too windy or cold … just really snowy and wet. I was just thinking last week how winter must be over, we had been having beautiful weather … oh how naive I was, its only January. Crunch, crunch, crunch through the fresh snow I go. By the time I had finished my 3 laps of the Island there was over 2 inches of fresh snow I was running in. A mix of audiobooks and music kept me going. I felt pretty good until 16km when I started to ache a bit and by km 18/19 my body was SORE and I was moving slow. It didn’t help that it takes more effort to run in snow plus your running slower so you don’t slip and fall! As I headed back towards the island for my last KM I saw a group of 3 ladies running that gave me a little cheer and a little boost of energy to finish up. I think its so cheesy to cheer people on while they are running but as cheesy as it is, it works!!! It gives you some fire when you need it the most. “I only have one more kilometre to go” I shouted, mostly to remind myself I was almost done .. for all they knew I was out for a 2km run and at my halfway point but none the less, they waved and put their hands out for a high give as I passed.

Covered in snow, soaking wet and SORE, I made it. 22 kilometers, on my own, in the snow and no major breakdowns (mental or physical) along the way! HAAA!!! I am getting better. If I can run in the snow, I can do anything. A hot shower never felt so good.

I can tell my body is adapting to my running .. maybe not all the ways I would like but I was able to snowboard on Sunday with no serious pain after that long run, I have had half marathons where my legs have completely seized after and I can barely walk. I’ve got 95 days to go to the BMO Marathon, 3 months of training left. Its scary because it doesn’t feel that far away and I have lots of work to do. One run at a time.

My Week

Monday – Day off

Tuesday – 6km run

Wednesday – 14km run, squash, restore yoga

Thursday – 6km run

Friday – 10km run & snowboarding

Saturday – 22km run

Sunday – snowboarding



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