Mid week re-evaluation

Quick note – I forgot to publish my post from Sunday … so its showing up from today … but its not from today. Its from Sunday.

Today, is Wednesday … and typically by Wednesday I have been out for a run or 3 but this week … I have been seriously slacking.

No runs this week. Not one. Yoga and a sweaty squash game, thats it!

Which means I now have to compress my 5 days of running into 4 … and no more rest days this week.


I have not missed any of my mileage in my training in the last 8 weeks and this week will not be an exception. I am going to make up for it. I am sitting here, being dragged out of my post yoga zen by calculating how many kilometres I need to get in to each of the next 4 days to make up for my start to the week. I am really working on using positive language and not calling myself a complete slacker … so you know, I am going to stick with the idea my body needed a rest and lets move on!

Now that I am into having a long run once a week it really helps to cut down on the mileage I need to tackle the other days. I have a 20km run scheduled for this weekend and the other 3 days I need to hit 11 KM. Not bad. I think I got this. Wait … I definitely got this! No room for questioning myself.

The temperature outside right now is great, it was 7 degrees as I was driving home from yoga at 9:45pm. I can handle that for my training. So tomorrow – no excuses. 6 am wake up call and Brin and I are going to be hitting the pavement. Laundry’s currently going (its a constant battle to keep my running clothes clean). Garmin charged. Water bottle filled up. Shoes and leash waiting for us.

Even though I haven’t been running this week .. I have hit 3 yoga classes since Sunday. Yin and restorative. Working on deep stretching and my flexibility. I had a massage appointment on Tuesday with my trusty RMT and BFF Tara, she said I was quite a bit tighter than two weeks ago when I was there, so that means I need to work on my stretching a little more … hence the increased yoga.

Oh – I just heard the washer finish, time to go throw my stuff in the dryer – don’t judge me … I am way to lazy to let it air dry all the time. And then its time for bed. 6 am comes early … but days are getting longer, weather is warmer. Training is all in all good. This 3 day setback won’t keep me down.



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