Let the training begin

Okay, so I have gone and done it again. I signed up for a marathon.

In June 2018 I completed my first full marathon and I knew right away that I would want to do another one. Even though it was so painful, even though the training beat my body down, I just knew that my marathon career (HAHA) was just getting started.

I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been before though, it didn’t need to be far but for some weird reason, I feel less guilt travelling, taking days off work, paying for a hotel etc. if I am doing something as major as running a marathon. So after recruiting my cousin, David, to commit to a marathon in 2018, we started our search.

He would have liked to go to Hawaii but that seemed a little dramatic and a little expensive for my liking. How about we stay in Canada? HA. So after weighing our options we landed on the Banff Marathon, which happened to be high on my list of runs I would like to do in the next few years. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I have only travelled through Banff, so this felt like a great opportunity to spend some time there in the summer.

Okay, time to commit.

Registration complete.

Hotel booked.

Time to find a training plan.

Last time I did my marathon I hired someone to put together a custom plan for me. This time I am going to opt for an app on my iPhone. For an pro version of an app for about $10/month you can get a full marathon training plan. I decided to go this route as soon as I registered for the marathon.

When I was inputting my information into the program for it to calculate my plan it asked how many miles I currently run a week. I had to lie. I am currently running 0 miles a week. I haven’t really ran since my marathon in June, I’ve only been out a handful of times but most of my work outs have been bootcamp style these past months. So I had to lie and tell the app I was currently running 15-20 miles a week or something like that, so it could calculate a training plan for me. Today is my first day of my 32 weeks of training. I start wth 3 km today and jump up to 12km tomorrow.

Going through the training last year, I have an idea of what to expect. Having a plan is necessary for this type of training. The runs get long quick. You are building endurance. You are setting up your body to be able to handle running 42km in one go, which isn’t an easy feat. Part of me thinks this is crazy – who signs up for this kind of thing? And then there is this other side of me, that knows what the human body is capable of and there are people out there that run multiple marathons back to back, or people who run marathons with disabilities or even the crazier, who run 100 miles at time or complete Iron Mans.

My goal for the BMO marathon was to finish and to have fun.

My goal for Banff is to finish under 5 hours. This will be almost an hour drop in time from my last run but I am going to do this.

I found that about 2 months before the run I started losing my motivation so I know going into this one I am going to need to find a way to stay motivated right through the end. Luckily you build so many miles early in the game that you have a foundation and I was able to complete my marathon after running very little for the 2 months before.

This time is isn’t an option. I am going to need to be more diligent about my timing for my runs, compared to last time when it was more about just getting the distance in. Now I have a time goal to achieve.

And now I have to get back into the habit of blogging. Even though I know no one reads this, its for me. I like taking a few minutes every few days to check in on my progress, where my head is at. It helps clear my mind but also reminds of me of what I’ve been going through and I can track my progress. Also it adds some accountability. Does it even exist if I don’t put it on the internet? HAHA. Kidding.

Signing off,



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