First Training Run

Easy part is done – I’ve signed up.

Now it’s time for the work. The training.

I have 23 weeks until the Marathon. So like any dedicated athlete … I googled a training plan and the first one that popped up in my search was the one for me.

Week one consists of 3 run days, 2 cross training days and 2 rest days.

My Sunday run I followed the plan for a 5 mike run. Took my dog, who is the ultimate training partner because she is always up for a run.

I’m currently using the Runtastic Pro app on my iPhone to track my runs. I am in the market for a gps watch but haven’t gotten around to doing enough research or spending the coin to get one … maybe that will be a cyber Monday or Boxing Day purchase?

So Brinley and I hit The Rivers Trail. 2km in and my feet were starting to cramp, I think this means I need to either start drinking more water or drink less wine. Will work on that.

Sunday November 19, 2017

Distance 8.08km

Time 53 minutes

Average pace 6:37 min/km

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